The handled characters and major persons in this work "Magical Rhapsody Jewelryeyes".
The individual introductory pages of characters are here.
Jewelryeyes -
Jewelryeyes A group of the central girls in this work.
Consists of six.
Main parties -
Main parties The characters composing the main party with Jewelryeyes.
Two here.
Temporary characters -
Temporary characters The characters joining the party temporarily.
Four here.
Primestars -
Primestars Quite young ladies, the mothers of Jewelryeyes.
Consists of six.
Floraleyes -
Floraleyes The classmates regarding Jewelryeyes as rivals.
Consists of six.
Enemy leaders -
Enemy leaders The leader of the hostile groups against the party.
Three here.
Other characters -
Other characters Characters unable to be classified above.
Two here.
Other persons -
Other persons Major persons unable to be handled.

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